Artwork from Secret 7 2020.Artwork from Secret 7 2020.


Secret 7" has paired with Peggy to power the auction this year.

Peggy isn't just another platform—it's a new way into a whole world of art.

How will Peggy power the Secret 7" auction? 

As the powerhouse behind the scenes, Peggy brings essential technology to the Secret 7" auction, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

Here's how Peggy stands out in supporting the Secret 7” auction:

Digital Fingerprint Technology

The Peggy-designed Digital Fingerprint technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a one-of-a-kind identity for each artwork. The Digital Fingerprint guarantees the security of transactions and provides unparalleled transparency regarding the provenance of each piece.

Artist Royalties

Peggy champions artists' rights by facilitating royalties on both primary and secondary sales. When you participate in the Secret 7" auction and beyond, you directly support the creative community.

An account on Peggy is needed to participate in the auction.

Register on Peggy today.